Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Cornish Love - Off Global Economics...

(more from those equatorial forests of Cornwall)

We also collected some real gems:

One. In the village shop where we stayed, people were very friendly to me. Liz suggested that here it might be better to be a foreigner than a non-Cornish Brit… So there was this guy, the local baker, who wanted to show off his freshly baked bread to me, accompanied by the words: “I bet that they did not tell you at Immigration about how great the bread is going to be here”. Sure, they did!

Two. It was also in this village shop that I witnessed firsthand two 50+ men say in all seriousness to each other: “see you later alligator”, “in a while crocodile”. I kid you not: they were not joking. Even a bit grumpy. And thus was the true etymology of the term ‘corny' uncovered.

Three. Although the Enlargement of Europe is recent, Central Europeans are already making a mark on the local culture. I overheard the conversation of two eight-year-olds at a kids’ slide place: “I bet you are a Romanian!” It was not discovered whether the term was used in a positive or a negative context.

Four. But the best of all was the large poster hung on a house at the end of one of the small towns: “Love Sale Festival” (heart, heart, heart). I guess the recession has now officially spilled into all the sectors of the economy.

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